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Rain-themed Photography Competition


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पाऊस 2018

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What is पाऊस?

We at Ark, love rains! Paus is a monsoon-themed photography competition and exhibition that encourages the photographers to capture the rains and all its effects through their lenses.

Though restricted to one theme, the monsoon, in itself, is such an incomparably vast subject to explore. Every year, we get amazed by the range of different perspectives that people come up with to interpret the theme that might seem cliché at first.

We give emphasis on curating the printing quality of photographs and their arrangement at the exhibition space in order to convey the exact experience the photographers want to convey to their viewers.   

Works of more than 150 photographers have been showcased at Paus. The competition has been judged by the acclaimed photographers and cinematographers like Avinash Arun, Amalendu Chaudhari, and Mahesh Limaye. Across years, over 5000 people have visited the exhibition and joined our celebrations of rains.