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उद्‌गार 2023

Was held on 28 July 2023

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What is उद्‌गार?

Voice acting is an integral part of every actor’s arsenal. Udgar is the competition that focuses on this part and encourages upcoming actors to give attention to their voices, in turn help them grow as an actor.

Udgar is a competition where a team has to read out a play on stage and just through their voices, create an experience for the audience.

2016 was the starting year of Udgar, and ever since, this unique competition has become something that every theatre enthusiast looks forward to. Every year we invite esteemed panel of judges so that actors get unique opportunity to be heard from the very best. All the major colleges and theatre groups take part each year, as this competition is becoming a cult for theatre lovers.

How it Works

Form of the competition:

The actors of a participant team sit on a row of chairs at a long table on the stage and read out the script in front of the judges and an audience. The actors each will play one character at a time. Each actor will have a name plaque on the table in front of them, indicating the character they are playing. The actors can play different characters throughout the play. The name plaque should also be switched while switching the character being played.

The performance will be mainly through voice acting and no stage acting will be involved.

Award categories:

Script, Direction, Individual Acting, Team Performance.

Two ranks in each category. Juries may include a 'special mention' prize at their discretion.

Process for participation:

  1. Fill and submit the application form and pay the registration fee.
  2. Submit 2 printed copies of your script personally before the competition day.
  3. A lots meeting will be held about a week before the competition day, wherein the order of performances will be allotted. Keep an eye out for its announcement and attend.
  4. Perform in the first round: The team reads out the script in front of the judges and an audience.
  5. Results of the first round will be announced, declaring what teams made it to the final round.
  6. If you are in the final round, perform in the final round.
  7. Attend the awards ceremony.